screen repair

Screen Repair

Broken screen door or window? Have no fear, Bayview can quickly and affordable help replace or repair any screen damage you may have.

chainsaw sharpening

Chainsaw Sharpening

Dull chainsaw blades can be extremely dangerous, why not stop into Bayview for your next maintenance needs. We have professionals who can quickly get your chainsaw back to cutting like butter.

key cutting

Key Cutting

Broken or chipped set of keys? Bayview has the equipment to repair of fully replace your keys fast and at a great price.

color matching

Color Mixing/Matching

Check out our paint department! Our staff are all capable of precise color matching and mixing!

UPS shipping center

UPS Shipping Center

Have packages you need shipped? Fortunately our store has a dedicated UPS shipping center where you can ship your packages fast and easily!

STIHL equipment repair

STIHL Equipment Repairs

Need some maintenance on old STIHL equipment? Visit our store today! Our staff has years of experience with STIHL equipment and have been serving the local community for decades. 

rental center

Bayview Rental Center

We have a huge selection of power equipment, vehicles, and tools for rent! Call or stop in today to find out whats available.